Friday, July 20, 2012

20th Jul. Childbirth YAMANEKO (2)

Childbirth YAMANEKO (2)
7月20日 出産山ネコその②だぞ

I gave No. 363 and 364 YAMANEKOs ”Childbirth edition" to Toshiko, who is supposed to take a leave for childbirth. The YAMANEKO, I take, is made by Torojiro in 2008. It’s very big so I can say, I’ve improved my ability.
 Now, the world’s smallest YAMANEKO is the same size as the first joint of the little finger.

She recommended her favorite books to my students and every time we visit library, she read the book to the students. Thank you for your trouble over the last 3 years. Have a good childbirth and make a happy family.

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