Sunday, August 19, 2012

19th Aug. The Second Ikejima Meeting (2) 第2回池島会だぞ(その2)

The Second Ikejima Meeting (2)
8月19日  第2回池島会だぞ(その2)

We got up late because all of us were completely hangover.
In the morning, I gave No. 371 YAMANEKO to Satoki, No. 372 to Ryouji, No.373 to Kenji and No. 374 to Yoshihiro.

We visited the Alps Azumino Park.

This playground equipment is attractive not only for kids but for an adult .
[Movie] Azumino Park動画:(17 sec)

There I gave No. 375 YAMANEKO to Munehiro and his family. They came from Miyazaki, where the first Ikejima meeting was held.

Around 4 o’clock, they came back to their place. Thank you for coming. See you next time!

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